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Level 3 - Emergency  Pediatric First Aid - 1 Day Course

We now provide Pediatric 1st Aid training in Africa!

Start Date: To Be Advised


This training concentrates solely on the child and infant age groups. This is useful to full-time childcare workers such as teachers, childminders, nannies, nursery staff and children themselves…from 8 years up! Standard paediatric courses will cover how to manage an ill or injured child/infant in the event of an emergency.

The training covers key essentials that will give you our trained First aiders the ability where possible to PRESERVE life, ALLEVIATE suffering, PREVENT the condition from worsening and PROMOTE recovery!

This Paediatric First Aid course has been designed by a qualified first-aider to help parents, carers, teachers, and anyone else who lives or works with children learn the basics of first aid so that they can react appropriately in an emergency situation. Children can be taught as well! Children are great at remembering things!

Golden Team geared up to save lives!

We will deliver this training to primary schools in the local area - each school is expected to provide representatives which will be a mixture of Teachers and primary school children. Including our partner orphanages, Special needs homes and parents. We are engaging the local government to ensure we comply with local laws and regulations.

The course covers how to identify and respond to incidents, including how to treat minor injuries, put a child or infant in the recovery position and administer CPR to a child or infant casualty.

The Primary Survey: this outlines why knowledge of first aid is so important, details the essential items for a first aid kit, and explains the steps of the primary survey

• The aim of first aid
• Your first aid box
• The primary survey: danger, response, airway and breathing

The Secondary Survey: this outlines how to put children and infant casualties into the recovery position.

• Steps of the secondary survey
• When to go to the hospital
• The recovery position
• The recovery position for infants • Unconscious casualties
• Choking
• Wounds and bleeding
• Shock


Treating Secondary Injuries: this section helps learners understand how to deal with burns, broken bones and head and eye injuries.

• Burns and scalds

• Fractures and broken bones
• Eye injuries

• Spinal injuries
• Head injuries

Resuscitation (CPR) for Children and Infants: this module teaches how to administer CPR chest compressions and rescue breaths to both child and infant casualties.

Location & Contact Details
0901 234 6757

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