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Level 2 Student First Aid : 3-hour course

We now provide Secondary School Student 1st Aid training in Africa!

Start Date: To Be Advised


This training concentrates solely on the child and infant age groups. This is useful to full-time childcare workers such as teachers, childminders, nannies, nursery staff and children themselves…from 11+ years! 

The training covers key essentials that will give you our trained First aiders the ability where possible to PRESERVE life, ALLEVIATE suffering, PREVENT the condition from worsening and PROMOTE recovery!

This 3-hour Student First Aid course has been designed for key stage 3 and key stage 4 students (11+ years) and fulfils the requirements of the Department for Education in respect of first aid training.

Our Nigeria youngster will have the opportunity to attain a United Kingdom nationally regulated qualification, enhance their CV and develop new life skills.

We will deliver this training to secondary schools in the local area - each school is expected to provide representatives which is purely targeting at secondary school level children. We are engaging the local government to ensure we comply with local laws and regulations.


Course syllabus

A range of subjects are covered including:

  • What is first aid?

  • Primary survey

  • Recovery position

  • Resuscitation

  • Safe use of an AED

  • Choking

  • Head injuries

  • Cuts, grazes and bruises

  • Nosebleeds

  • Minor burns and scalds

  • Fractures and dislocations

  • Sprains and strains



A maximum of 12 students are allowed and must be a minimum of 11 years of age. A student cannot assume a responsibility in the workplace until they reach the age of 16, and then it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the person is suitable for the role.


The assessment is carried out through practical demonstration and a multiple-choice question paper. A three-year Level 2 Student First Aid qualification will be issued to all, subject to assessment.

In-house/On-site courses

We are able to deliver this course on your site, reducing your costs in respect of additional time out and travelling.

Location & Contact Details
0901 234 6757

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